Frequently Asked Questions

In a sale of property, who has to bear the expenses of registration and stamps?

The universal rule is that the purchaser has to bear all expenses regarding registration. However if the seller and buyer mutually agree otherwise, then the seller would have to bear the expenses.

In whose name are the stamps/non - judicial stamp papers required to be purchased?

The non-judicial stamp papers are required to be purchased in the name of either the purchaser or seller. Generally it is bought in the name of the purchaser since he bears the expenses of registration.

From where can we get information regarding the guide line value?

The Sub-Registrar of the area, in whose jurisdiction the property is located, is the appropriate authority for knowing the guideline value of the property. This is also available on the internet.

What exactly do we mean by a Free Hold title to a property?

A property of which its owner is the absolute and full owner without any limitations to ownership is called a free hold title to the property.

How do we verify the genuinety of documents of the seller?

Regarding authenticity of documents, again, you have to take the help of an advocate to verify.